Happy Folks

Creating happy products...


The idea

We are a socially responsible initiative that cares about making the whole supply chain of handcrafted products more sustainable and fair. We care about:

Our customers

The whole product design process is driven by our customers. 

The producers

All our products are handcrafted and we make sure that the whole production process is fair and human-centric.

The environment

We source all our material sustainably and make sure that our environmental impact is minimal.

Step 1 

We ask you!

You fill a survey about the desirable features and the purpose of the product.

Step 2

We Get to work!

We will create designs and prototypes of the products, test them for design appeal, durability, etc. so that the end product is a high-quality product!

Step 3


The production of the product starts with the network of rural artisans of our partner organisations. We conduct training on quality control and make sure everybody gets paid fair wages

final step

You get the product shipped to your home!


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